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Wiki Tools

These tools are for use in creating collaborative documents or as use as personal notepads. 

Key to Availability
£=cost; C =add code to web page/blog; D =download;  H = hosted service;  OS = Open source; FT=free trial

Top Wiki Tools
These are the tools voted Top Tools for Learning by learning professionals worldwide

Tool Summary Available
Google Sites Wiki tool Free H  
MediaWiki Wiki software (originally written for Wikipedia) Free D OS
PBwiki Wiki tool for business and education Free/£ H  
Tiddlywiki A reusable non-linear personal web notebook Free D  
Wetpaint Wiki/blog/forum hosting Free H  
Wikispaces Wiki tool Free/£ H  

Other Wiki Tools

Tool Summary Available
@Wiki Wiki hosting Free H  
BluWiki Wiki hosting Free H  
BrainKeeper Enterprise wiki software £ D FT
ClearWiki Private hosted wiki perfect for your business (10 users free) Free/£ H  
Confluence Enterprise wiki for teams to collaborate and share knowledge £ D/H FT
CustomerVision BizWiki Enterprise wiki solution £ D  
Dokuwiki Wiki tool aimed at a small companies documentation needs Free D  
EditMe Wiki and content management system £ H  
ElWiki Wiki hosting Free H  
eTouch SamePage Enterprise-strength wiki solution that combines the best of wikis and blogs £ D FT
Flexwiki An experimental collaboration tool, based on WikiWiki. Free H  
Intodit Create a group for your interests.  share your passion by building pages or starting discussions for your group. Free H  
Itensil Enterprise wiki platform £ H  

Kerika Share ideas, documents and projects using Graphical Wikis Free D  
Jottit Makes getting a website as easy as filling out a textbox Free H  
LittleWiki Wiki tool Free H  
Luminotes A personal wiki notebook for organizing your notes and ideas Free/£ H  
Mindtouch Deki and Deki Express Wiki software that installs in 10 minutes £ D FT
MonkeyGTD A TiddlyWiki powered GTD (Getting Things Done) system Free D OS
Netcipia A blog and a wiki in one single place Free H  
Nuospace Enterprise wiki powered by document management features Free H/D  
OpenTeams Web-hosted collaborative software to foster an innovative culture £ H FT
OttoWiki Wiki tool Free H  
PikiWiki Instantly create and share web pages.  Have friends add content.  All with drag and drop freedom and ease Free H  
PmWiki Wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites. Free D OS
ProjectForum Professional wiki software (free and paid versions) Free/£ D  
QEDwiki A powerful browser-based assembly canvas for mashups and situational applications.  Free H/D  
QwikiWiki Wiki tool Free D  
Schtuff Wiki tool Free H  
ScribbleWiki Online whiteboard to create a private or public wiki Free H  
SeedWiki Wiki hosting Free H  
ServerSideWiki Personal micro-site wiki Free H  
Snip Snap Blog/Wiki tool Free D  


SocialText is a leading enterprise wiki £ D FT
Stikipad Wiki hosting Free H  
Springnote Web editor/wiki Free H  
telepark.wiki Standard edition is free Free D  
ThoughtFarmer Combines structure and social networking with easy wiki authoring, helping companies share knowledge and strengthen community £ D  
TiddlyBackpack Portable personal wiki Free D  
Tikiwiki Wiki/CMS/groupware Free D OS
TWiki Enterprise collaboration platform Free D  


A way to share and collaborate on content Free H  
Wikia Wiki hosting (uses MediaWiki - orginally used for Wikipedia) Free H  
Wikidot A farm of Wiki Sites. Free H  
Wikidpad Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, to-do lists Free D  
Wikihost.org Free wiki hosting Free H  
Wiki-site Free (Wikipedia-like) wiki hosting Free H  
Wikitag Search directory for wikis Free H  
Wikitywidget Wiki tool for use as a personal notepad Free D  
Wikka Wiki A flexible, standards-compliant and lightweight wiki engine Free D  
WikyBlog Wiki/blog hybrid Free D/H OS
XWiki.com Wiki hosting Free H  
XWiki.org Wiki tool Free D OS
Zulupad Personal wiki notepad Free D OS
Zwiki Zope-based wiki engine