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company directory

Company Directory

Julie Johnston, CEO

Mountain View, California
cell: 650.555.1235 | desk: x85

Julie has been a leader in organic gardening for many years. She and her husband crafted vegetable boxes in their garden using only wood (NO NAILS!!). Julie's green thumb has given her the ability to bring many a plant back to life. She is also a gifted cooker - using only vegetables that she grows herself.

Reuben Antman, Vendor Mgr

San Francisco, California
cell: 650.555.3456 | desk: x86

Reuben joined Organic City after he found his high tech job was sucking the life out of him. He enjoys traveling, being outside and taking photos ... all three he can do weekly at the Market! Hooray!

Greg D'alesandre, HR

Mountain View, California
cell: 650.555.1905 | desk: x88

Greg has been delivering good cheer for many years in the form of chocolate! He now acts as our HR manager as well as run's the Delicious booth at the weekly market. Stop by and try a truffle next time you are out.

Mark Sladden, Midwest Sales

Boulder, Colorado
cell: 303.555.1235 | desk: x77

Mark loves to find a good deal so who better to lead up our Midwest Sales! You can find him testing the produce at the weekly market and always keeping his eye open for new items to add.

Mandy Richau, Signage

Boulder, Colorado
cell: 303.555.1235 | desk: x85

Mandy loves to put her paper skilz to work and each week creates a new theme for the market. You might notice her handy work in signs, flyers, buttons and more.

Joseph Wain, CFO

New York City, New York
cell: 212.555.1235 | desk: x83

Joseph started at Organic City  in early 2006. He came to us from his own firm grows-a-lot. He lives with his dog Gus in New York City and loves to find ways to plant in small spaces while always pinching pennies!

Rus Heywood, Chief Grower

Mountain View, California
cell: 650.555.4857 | desk: x89

Rus decided it was time to GO GREEN (in some ways of his life) when he realized how much gas he was using while racing. Since then his life has truly blossomed and he is our Chief Grower!

Michael Tildahl, Facilities

Mountain View, California
cell: 650.555.1874 | desk: x95

Michael (or MT as we know him) has been the mastermind behind our quick organization at the weekly market. His fast thinking has saved us on numerous occasions!

Jonathan Morace, Bee Keeper

Mountain View, California
cell: 650.555.1235 | desk: x85

Bees provide an important function in the planting community and with a growing shortage we opted to have our very own personal Bee Keeper! JB works with all of our growers to ensure a healthy crop.

Adam Howell, East Sales

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
cell: 336.555.1235 | desk: x32

Adam spends his time out side finding the next best crop. We are in fact sending Adam on a cruise to find some atlantic seaweed!